Hello curius ones! Glenn Soderling here. Since I am involved in things like LIttle League, Elementary School events, etc. I'm finding that the first place anyone goes to check out who this "Glenn Soderling" character is would of course be GOOGLE. The first thing that pops up when you GOOGLE ME is the band W.A.S.P. To some this may seem pretty cool. To others... not so much.

Yes it is true, I played drums for the notorious heavy metal band W.A.S.P for what was probably a 6-month period over 20 years ago. I answered an ad in a music magazine and sent my promo package and drumming demo to a management address in Los Angeles (I did not know what band it was for at the time). I got a call back from a guy named "Steven" (Blackie Lawless) and after our discussion he gave me a list of 10 songs to learn in one week. Long story short, I beat out probaby 60 other drummers for the paid position of playing in W.A.S.P. Rehearsals were hell, and I really did not enjoy the music or the leader of this band. I got a weekly paycheck just for rehearsing though. At first I figured it beat the heck out of delivering TV's for a living. After awhile though I'd rather dig ditches in the rain for a living than play for this group. I quit the band right in the middle of a rehearsal and never looked back. EVEN THOUGH there was a concert scheduled in less than a month at Castle Donnington in England where I would play in front of over 80,000 people.

W.A.S.P.s music and song titles were often vulgar and designed to outrage. Really just shock value and nothing more. (Now I do like a some shock value in rock n roll, I liked Alice Cooper and KISS, just never thought much of W.A.S.P. musically or otherwise). I'd just like for everyone who may be reading this to try and get a better understanding of who "Glenn Soderling" is. Please do not think for a second that my beliefs and character are represented by a crazy band I was in so many years ago for a very short period. Who I am today is a dedicated Christian, husband and father.